To Purchase or Inquire about any of Kelsey's work, email or call Rachel at 214-949-6805. 

Kelsey Anne Heimerman was born to a family of artists in 1990. Her mother, a master glassblower, encouraged her painting at a very young age. Her formal education began in a private preparatory school and led to her to the painting and drawing program at the University of North Texas where she gained first hand experience from artists Ed Blackburn and Vincent Falsetta. 

Each of Heimerman's works carries with it a story of color, form, and contemporary life. Her large scale pieces create a visceral force and offer a new way of seeing by introducing a bright, bold color palette accompanied by lucius mark making. Her attention to detail in a maximalist style allows for the non representational works to stand alongside the abstractions. Having a dedicated, daily work ethic, Heimerman has been able to produce art work as a way of life, searching in each work create a meta connection. 

Taking inspiration from natural patterns, international traveling, global politics,  philosophy, television, radio, music and her favorite moments in painting history, she collects these multifaceted ideas into single works. Her inundating collection mimics the complexity of a post modern society. This content took visual inspiration not for painting alone, but illustration, digital media, collage, and commercial design. Radiating beyond the canvas the works are no longer self contained but demand for interaction with the surrounding environment. 

In 2013, at age 23, Heimerman helped Angelo Fesperman remodel, design and open Shift Coffee in Denton, Texas. A purest concept, all organic, eco friendly coffee house converted from a medical complex, Heimerman had her first real experience with interior design.  A custom, shiny muted color palette and mid century modern furniture, the space mimics her love for modern and contemporary aesthetic as seen in her most recent paintings. Heimerman uses direct trade coffee sourcing as an immediate way to interact with the 2nd most traded commodity in the world. This progressive way of business, Heimerman hopes to create real world changes.  

Heimerman continues to share her work in traditional and non-traditional spaces with the purpose of art being accessible to everyone.