This group of work explores the delicate and intricate patterns that are often overlooked in the natural world. Sarah Francis's artwork explores these patterns on a variety of scales from cellular to large scale patterns found in the land to celestial patterns. 

Papermaking is the central process to all of Sarah's pieces. "I am able to manipulate the size, shape, and texture of the paper. I can choose to form it into flat sheets or draw with the wet pulp to create layers for my sculptures," says Sarah. The prints incorporate drawings and layering of maps of places that are significant to her life. She looks at the detailed lines of topographical maps and plays with thickness and texture of the ink with which she prints. Sarah's work becomes increasingly abstract wight he use of paper and pulp as she maps ideas and things, not just actual places. 

She creates her own worlds within each piece, worlds that may be tied to her own life or simply new creations. Francis states, "They are worlds that are intimate and personal to me standing in solitary, but also communicate with each other." Francis strives for the viewer to appreciate the pieces for their delicate and intimate details and read them as layers of abstract maps of places or things on both a microcosmic and macrocosmic level.

To purchase or inquire about any of Sarah's work, please email or call Rachel at 214-949-6805.