Rachel Nash Gallery is dedicated to connecting emerging artists with the local Dallas community. It began out of a desire for everyone to have a place to buy good, original art at an affordable price. The gallery strives to foster a creative and innovative space while allowing the arts to be accessible and available to many.  

Though we currently no longer have a physical space to call our own, we are making a presence online, sign up for the newsletter to stay tuned on new artists and pop-up shows! 

So, what does this mean for you, the view and customer?

// Inventory -- All of the art we have in stock and available will remain on the website. If you see something you love, we will arrange to bring the art to you or you to the art. 

// Consulting -- RNG offers consulting, if you're looking for a very specific piece of art let us help you! For free, of course! 

// Art Exhibits -- Stay tuned for the unexpected. 

What does this mean for you, the artist?

// We are always looking for new, real talent to represent through our virtual walls. We will now have more time to be on the hunt for interesting and beautiful new work. We also welcome artists to submit their work for review. 

 You can follow us on Twitter @RNGallery or Instagram @rachelnashgallery for updates.